Wod 128-in which I dumbbell snatch for first time

Partner WoD
In pairs,
2:00 max cal bike
1:00 rest
2:00 max alternating arm DB snatch (30/20)*
1:00 rest
2:00 max supine ring row
1:00 rest

3 rounds for max reps

Max bar hang for time.

V V hard. Totally wrecked. Was awesome


Wod 127-in which I learn to rack properly

Instructor led drills on the power clean.
12:00 to practice drills and find a starting weight.

Power clean x 2 reps (55k then 60k for last 10min)

Pause in the catch position for 2s before standing up each rep up. Build weight through the sets.
Miss a lift, drop back down the weight.

Tabata hollow hold 20/10 for 4min

Really good. The paused catch was excellent for teaching catching properly on shoulders rather than on bent back hands with the inevitable hurt forearms.

My PB in cleans is 67.5 I THINK , so I’m reckoning 70+ is doable now 

Wod 126-in which i do a MAN MAKER

Min 1) 0:30 chest facing HS hold / box pike / pike
Min 2) 0:30 chin over bar (underhand+band)
Min 3) 0:30 hollow rocks / plank hold

1:00 Bike
1:00 OH plate lunge (20/15)
1:00 DB man makers 2*15kg
1:00 Rest
3 rounds for max reps 100

Lost count on first round, but ON AVERAGE about 33 per round.


wod 125-in which i do thrusters properly for first time ever

Skill work on the,
– Thruster
– Pull up
– Burpee

20 thusters (60/40)
20 pull ups (ring rows)
20 burpees

Never been at home with thrusters. Couldn’t go from rack position to press position, moving the hands from fingers to palm.

THEN i did this Wod and had to learn, the best thing i think i learnt is how to =, guess what, THRUST from the ground upwards, so you throw the bar upwards. Who knew.

Wod 123-in which i squat a ton

a) Skill work and demo of the paused back squat
b) 14:00 to find a 3rm paused back squat just below parallel with full tension 100kg

c) Skill work on the GTOH movement
d) For time,
GTOH (80/52.5)
Burpees over the bar

First time in years, i think, that I’ve squatted in triple figures.

I want a 120kg back squat by the end of the year

Wod 122-in which i get very tired indeed

a) Find a max unbroken set of strict pull ups
b) Skill work on,
– Squat clean
– Burpee box jump
– T2B

c) For max reps,
1:00 squat cleans (40/30)
1:00 burpee box jumps
1:00 T2B (knee raise)
2:00 squat cleans (40/30)
2:00 burpee box jumps
2:00 T2B (knee raise)
3:00 squat cleans (40/30)
3:00 burpee box jumps
3:00 T2B (knee raise)